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RONIN Cast - Used set of 2

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This used set is rated 8* out of 10

*Performs as new due to the RONIN Tune up kit that is installed!


One of the world's leading precision trucks now comes in a cast version!


The new Ronin Cast Trucks are ready to dominate your freeride setups with all the the unique features in an affordable package. They feature a 180mm hanger with a 42.5 degree baseplate, making them extremely stable. What separates these trucks from normal trucks is their support pin, which supports the hanger when the weight of the rider is on it, rather than having the weight crush down on the bushings. This pin also creates a second pivot point to give you the truest lean and turn out of your trucks, giving you even more stability and control. They also come stock with 92a "Fruit Punch" bushings that add to the great rebound and give you those sweet fluid turns. The cherry on top is that all the components of the Ronin Cast Trucks are compatible with the Precision Ronin's, letting you switch parts and pieces as you please.