Hand-modified Pumping Trucks New/Used LDP Skate Systems

Welcome to Beernett Skate Systems!

We produce the original Beernett!

The Beernett is a completely modified and sphericalized Bennett for a supersmooth and precise skating experience! 

It has several modifications that converts the popular 70's Bennett truck into an extremely well handling pumping truck that is perfect for ldp and slalom. 

Combine the Beernett with the G|Bomb SDF and the result of this perfect synergy is the BeerBomb!

We can also build your complete setup. We start with the Beernett, combine this with new and/or used high quality components to create a setup within your budget. Ready to pump and push your distances.

For more info check Why a Beernett

Check our shop to order your Beernett or the latest used LDP gear!