The BeernettScore

What is the BeernettScore?

Since I started with modifying Bennett trucks into a Beernett, I got more and more questions from starting LDP enthusiasts, how a good and efficient setup looks like and what they should buy. This made me think about a scoring system for setups, mostly based on important LDP properties and my experience with the various parts and components.

How does the BeernettScore work?

There are 10 seperate categories, each judged with a score from 1 to 10, where 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. So the highest possible BeernettScore is 100.

The categories are split into two groups: ‘Race Score’ and ‘Fun Score’ where a high ‘Race Score’ is mostly reserved for the Ultraskate and other LDP race winning setups.

The ‘Fun/Daily score’ is focussing on the usability and, ofcourse, the fun you can have with it.

A few things to take note of:

  • I will compare the best race setups with cruisers, and ultralow pushers with high topmount mini pumpers! One setup excels in the ‘Race Score’ where the other scores lots of points in the ‘Fun/Daily Score’. Although I will mostly review LDP setups, there can be a maverick between them.
  • I am not a fast, race winning LDP skater. My reviews are based on my experiences, general assumptions and public known raceresults.
  • Manufacturers are always trying to improve their products. This means that I can adjust the older scores when a better products is released and reviewed. This is only to keep the older scores accurate.


I hope you enjoy the BeernettScore. Have discussions about the BeernettScore. Argue about the BeernettScore if it is right or wrong. Have fun with the BeernettScore. Use the BeernettScore as a guide to buy your next setup. Regardless of what you do, it is going to give you a better understanding of my personal thoughts about every reviewed setup!


And now on to the 10 categories!

Race Score

There are 5 ‘Race Score’ categories. All based on race winning properties. But, as always with reviews, they can be objective or subjective. You can disagree with the assesment but this ‘Race Score’ is my personal assesment.

1. Pushability

They easiest way to skate is pushing. A higher topspeed with pushing will get you quicker to the finish line or brings you further during a race with a set time.

The main factors for good pushability are the height of the platform, combined with the stability but a practical test is the real way to find out if it deserves a 10 for high speed push performance! Keep in mind that I am not exceptionally fast with skating but the overall feeling of the setup is what counts.

2. Pumpability

Drafting without effort or skating in that xxx-mile train during the Ultraskate? It helps you a lot when pumping at a higher speed goes easy. The basics are a ‘loose’ front truck with enough ‘rebound’ and a rear truck with a low steering angle to get the best high speed pumping results. But also here, a practical test is the real way to find it out!

3. Weight

In every race the weight of your setup can be important. A lower weight will have a positive effect on your results. Although in a 30 minutes push-race it is less important as during a 24 hour Ultraskate but you never want to race with a bulky heavy setup…

For the scoring:    10 points  under 3400gr

                                   9 points   3400-3599gr

                                   8 points   3600-3799gr

                                   7 points   3800-3999gr

                                   6 points   4000-4199gr

                                   5 points   4200-4399gr

                                   4 points   4400-4599gr

                                   3 points   4600-4799gr

                                   2 points   4800-4999gr

                                   1 point    5000gr and up

4. Built quality

During a race your gear needs to perform at its best. Good maintenance is key but a with a poorly built setup it is harder to skate at the front with the top guns. So top quality of the parts and components are resulting in a higher score. A few things that determine the built quality:

  • Precision or cast trucks?
  • How is the reputation of the various brands?
  • Is there a quality (carbon) finish on the deck thay withstands rain and mud for years?
  • Does the setup feels solid and agile or sloppy and squeaky?
  • Do the wheels spin around cheap chinese or swiss ceramic bearings?

There is more ofcourse, and it all adds up to the score.

5. Race handling

What is needed for a perfect Race handling? A good pump- and/or pushability adds points to the score but also agility and the feedback from the setup can be important.

A relaxed and smooth setup doesn’t immediately bring you to that race podium but it is positive for the next category: Comfort score.


Fun Score

There are also 5 ‘Fun Score’ categories. This score will determine factors that makes it the best allround setup. Or, if you are not interested in high performance properties, a good ‘Fun Score’ can be a good guideline to choose your next setup.

6. Comfort

This category is exactly what it says, 10 points are for a smooth flying Persian carpet that swallows all uneven pavement due to the flexy deck and the soft urethane underneath. And the low side of the scale is reserved for that hard and bumpy ride that makes you want to walk with your deck under your arm. Keep in mind that this can be good for Race handling.

7. Slow Pump/Cruise

If you are looking for a setup that is perfect for that sunset skate on the boulevard then it needs to score high in this category. Effortless low to medium speed pumping and cruising is defenitely a winner here.

8. Practicality

Commuting to work everyday, getting groceries, visiting your granny or meeting friends at your favorite bar. If your setup is practical to use it will take you everywhere! Extra points for this category can be the smaller size, easy handling on the streets or even a handle to carry the setup. And a lower score if it is so beautiful that you are afraid to damage it…

9. Funfactor

This can be hard to score because it can be very personal. Therefor I will also look at the marketing strategy of the brand and, especially when there are multiple brands used on the setup, the overall feeling of it. What does it do when skating this setup? No doubt that a 10 will go to that very satisfying setup that you will even take out in the pooring rain!

10. Value

This last category is more or less a sum of all other categories; I am trying to give a score if the setup is giving you good value for your money. So an expensive hardcore race setup can get a 10 for value if it is fast and furious. By the same token a cheap Decathlon deck can get a 1 for value if it is not excelling in any category.

I will give a score based on a new setup with the current price, or, if the parts are not made or available anymore I will take the last available price.