G|Bomb TTS slim Gloss White

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This used item is rated 8.5 out of 10.

Comes with mounting hardware and G|bomb shockpads!

• Patented High Strength stainless spring steel G|Bomb Flex Frame™ Longboard bracket

• 080 is recommended for Longboard rider weights up to 75kg.

• Light Weight - 244 gram (8.5 ounce) 2mm (0.080") frame

• Weight (complete with all hardware) 416 grams (14.6 ounce)

• Fitted 4 degree wedges.

• Riptide 80a Cube APS bushing suspension isolates the deck and rider from shock and vibration

• Tall Riptide 80a Cone

• Grade 8 axle

• Stainless steel axle reinforcement sleeve

• New for 2019 - Nylon bracket inserts protect fasteners

• New for 2019 - Removable nylon inserts to run beefier fasteners

• Uncompromising performance and value

• The evolution of the Torsion Tail ridden by Andrew Andras and Saskia Tromp to the Guinness World Records for Longboarding.