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Rocket Exodus / GBomb setup

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This is a High Quality setup!


The Rocket Exodus is a very well designed deck. Together with the GBomb DDS and Torsion Teel Steel it looks amazing! The Seismic Alpha's and the Beernett 5.0 are the finishing touch and will guarantee that this setup will pump very good!


Available with various wheel options!


For a complete review of this great setup have a look at my video:


  • Rocket Exodus Flex2 (<90kg) NEW!
  • G|Bomb Deep Drop Stubby (DDS) Used (8.5 out of 10)
  • G|Bomb Torsion Tail Steel (TTS) Used (8 out of 10) with new Riptide cubes 75a and new G|Bomb wedges
  • Beernett 5.0 NEW!
  • Seismic Alpha 80.5mm 78a Mint NEW!
  • G|Bomb built-in bearings NEW!
  • Paradox griptape NEW!