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Pantheon Pranayama FG / Speedvents / Zealous

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The Pantheon Pranayama longboard is the lowest perfect fit cruiser out there. Built off of the Trip platform but utilizing TKP (Paris street) trucks, the Pranayama is the best of both worlds. It rides super low, is comfortable and easy to push, and is great for those looking to push long distances, for beginners, pro's or commuters. It's light, durable, and an overall fun drop down push board that you need in your quiver!


  • Pranayama NEW!
  • Caliber Standard 8.5" TKP trucks NEW!
  • SEISMIC Speedvents various duro NEW!
  • Zealous bearings NEW!
  • NEW Nuts & Bolts


Length – 31.375 inches
Wheelbase – 26 inches
Width – 9.25 inches
Drop – 1.3 inch crescent
Profile – Slight Mustache Camber/Rocker