POGO Impala TT - Beernett - Paris - Seismic Alpha

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If you are into long distance pumping you should take a close look at the Impala.

The shape reveals a lot of love for the detail and pumping longer distances never felt more natural.
The endless amount of wheelbase options allow you to perfectly adjust your setup. Once again the signature Titanal construction shows its benefits.
While its torsional stiffness transfers the power absolutely and most directly, the powerful and fast flex moves you forward like an invisible motor.
The mellow concave combined with rocker feels just perfect and makes it a pleasure to ride.

- Mellow concave and rocker
- Multiple wheelbase options
- Real wood veneer with mother of pearl inlay
- Titanal construction with medium to firm flex


The Beernett 6.0 and Paris Street 129 makes all the difference, they are equipped with Riptide bushings and pivotcups and mounted with new Khiro wedges and hardware make it an absolute beautiful complete! Performance is great!


The 80.5mm Seismic Alpha 76a wheels with 60mm contact patch at the rear give the best grip you can imagine. The 55mm wide Alpha 76a in the front is developed for LDP so it combines grip with the agile handling for pumping.


This setup is an eyecather, new trucks, wheels, Zealous bearings and Riptide footstop and the deck and rear wheels are only used for less than 20km and look like new!  There are not much completes that are so beatiful as this one...