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The patented precision CNC DD-S (Deep Drop Stubby) Longboard bracket features infinite adjustability of truck angles from +12 (wedge) to -2 (dewedge). The lightweight makes the DDS an ideal front Longboard bracket. Or, for rear applications where little or no de-wedging is needed. The curves of this bracket allow stresses to flow, and the bracket to flex for performance and comfort. The shock pad deck interface absorbs even more road noise and complies to the deck camber and concave to minimize stress at the interface. The broad shoulder design is intended to handle abuse from even heavy and aggressive riders. This is the same Longboard bracket used by world record Longboard holders Rick Pronk and Andrew Andras. And the same bracket Adrian Oh toured on through over 20 countries and over 20,000 km.

GBomb Infinity Bolt Hardware included for mounting to deck and truck.