Earthwing Mystery Model Hoopty - Caliber - FSU Hawgs

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This used deck is mounted with new trucks, new bearings and new griptape!

Rated 8 out of 10!


  • Earthwing Myster Model Hoopty - Used
  • Caliber II 'Gangster Gold' 50°+44° - NEW!
  • FSU Hawgs 70mm 80a - Used
  • Zealous built in bearings - NEW!
  • Course Griptape - NEW!


Eartwing Mystery Model Hoopty:

Earthwing's 2018 topmount race board, the Hoopty, is a true example of the phrase "forms follows function". This Hoopty has a vertically laminated core with carbon fiber stringers making this deck extremely stiff.

The rear rails feature bevelled gas pedals which create a larger contact point for pushing out predrifts, giving unparalleled control to the rider. Just as important as what this board is what they left out; no kicktails or extra weight hold this board back from being the most controllable race deck out there.

If you're looking for a sick, light-weight race deck, the Hoopty is everything you're looking for.

Length: 93.3 cm/36.75" 

Width: 25.4 cm/10" 

Wheelbase: 66.7 - 71.8 cm/26.25" - 28.25"


Caliber II Trucks:

The new Venom Plug Barrel Bushings for Caliber Trucks are designed to remove lateral play from the truck by filling the gaps between the hanger and the kingpin. This results in a quicker return to center and increased responsiveness.

To celebrate the release of the new bushing, Caliber and Venom teamed up on this exclusive Gangster Gold colorway in both 44° and 50° variations, with 90A Venom Plug Bushings included.


FSU Hawgs wheels:

Freeride excitement instore with these pre-worn-in Kyle Martin FSU Hawgs wheels. Centre set bearing 70mm 80a slideyness of quiet, chatter free longboarding bliss.