BEERNETT Silver (the original!)


The original BEERNETT with all the features.


Available in two widths, and in Silver or Black. You can choose several bushingduros, even in a combo (RS/BS)


Select  your product with the options that you want (bushingduro and size) and the desired extras such as (spare) Riptide bushings and Zealous built-in bearings.


Ultimate Synergy with the BeerBomb! (Beernett + G|Bomb SDF)

The G|Bomb SuperDuperFork was designed with the Bennett in mind. That's why this combi with the Beernett is incredible!


You can also choose 'SDF only' to order the fork without a Beernett!


If you are not sure on the bushingduro you need? Don't hesitate to contact us.