G|Bomb TTA Slim Silver

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The TT Aerospace is for high speed and long distance Longboard pumping. This bracket is considered stiff and, unless you are an elite rider, it may be too firm. Do your homework. Here are the bracket details.


  • Aerospace alloy frame.
  • Light Weight - 212 gram (7.5 ounce) flex frame™.
  • 148 gram (5.2 ounce) axle assembly.
  • Riptide 75A or 70A Cube bushing axle suspension isolates the deck and rider from damaging shock and vibration.
  • Riptide 70A Tall Cone Bushings
  • Grade 8 axle.
  • Stainless steel axle reinforcement sleeve.
  • Infinity bolts minor.
  • Ultra durable 3D printed polyurethane shock pad maximizes energy return and minimizes deck interface stress.
  • Set of 8 Double sealed world record built-in style G|Bearings.