Pre Order - BEERNETT Silver - 5% Discount!

€79.00 €75.00

Pre-Order Ready to ship 31th of October 2022

The original BEERNETT with all the features.


Available in two widths, and in Silver or Black. You can choose several bushingduros, even in a combo (RS/BS)


Select  your product with the options that you want (bushingduro and size) and the desired extras such as (spare) Riptide bushings and ZEALOUS built-in bearings.


Ultimate Synergy with the BeerBomb! (Beernett + G|Bomb SDF)

The G|Bomb SuperDuperFork was designed with the Bennett in mind. That's why this combi with the Beernett is incredible!


You can also choose 'SDF only' to order the fork without a Beernett!


If you are not sure on the bushingduro you need? Don't hesitate to contact us.