Bossa NOVA - G|Bomb Complete

€640.00 €489.00

This beautiful Bossa / G|Bomb setup is built with NEW parts and a used Torsion Tail. The Bossa Nova platform has a lively Light Flex and is designed for skaters up to 70kg.


The Beernett - SDF (BeerBomb) is a perfect match for pumping. Together with the Torsion Tail and Speed Vent wheels it is a perfect LDP setup! The Riptide Footstop is the finishing touch on this beautiful ride!


  • Bossa NOVA 28" Light flex - NEW
  • G|Bomb TTS - Used (8 out of 10)
  • G|Bomb Infinity Bolts - NEW
  • G|Bomb SDF - NEW
  • Beernett 5.0 - NEW
  • Seismic Speed Vent 85mm - NEW 
  • Riptide Footstop 'Outside' - NEW
  • ATLAS Blackout Builtin Bearings / NEW


Multiple Wheel duros possible - Please select your choice!


NEW price is €640. This setup only €489!