BOSSA Rio28 (M flex) Used

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This used Bossa Rio28 looks very good, no damage!

It is rated 9 out of 10!


RIO 28 is developed for use with G|bomb brackets. Ideally to be used with Super Fork / Torsion Tails setup for pushing and pumping. Accepts oversize wheels on Deep Drop or Standard brackets. The bracket configuration should be considered ordering this board, as it's Flex varies depending on the setup.

LDP specific model (for Pumping & Pushing),with a perfect width and wheelbase allowing you to cover long distances in comfort. Excellent energy return.


Made from Bamboo with a V-lam core and a beautiful Carbon finish!


Medium Flex: approx 75 to 90kg

Length:28.0" (711 mm)

Width:9.7" (245mm)

Wheelbase:20.2" (587 mm) - 22.3" (566mm)