Pantheon Bandito - GBomb - DT setup

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  • Pantheon Bandito NEW!
  • GBomb Glass Drop NEW!
  • GBomb TTAerospace NEW!
  • Don't Trip Poppy 55° 125-143mm NEW!
  • GBomb Bearings NEW!


Make this setup complete with a set of new wheels and receive 10% Discount on your wheels of choice! (contact us for discount code)


The Joe Mazzone Bracket board is a minimalist take on the bracket platform longboard deck. Set this board up with G-Bomb brackets for ultimate distance performance. If you’re looking to up your distance game to a competitive level, a distance platform made for brackets is the way to do it. Everyone’s needs will be different here. The beauty behind the bracket-style longboard setup is that there is flexibility to fit those needs because every piece of the setup is modular. The Mazzone Pro platform is designed specifically for the needs of the world’s best ultra-skater. It’s just long enough for him to fit his feet end to end for switching his pushing leg, just wide enough to give him the leverage he needs for pumping while retaining a slim overall setup for pushing efficiency. This is the board that Joe used to set the world 24-hour record at the 2021 Miami Ultraskate.