GBomb C27 - TTX - Carbon Feather complete NEW! (No wheels)

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This setup is built with High End parts!! Top of the line!


We took our time developing the Carbon 27 (C27) to get the details dialed in. The result is the perfect complement for our glass drop composite bracket in front. The C27 has a mild camber and concave but with a twist. The front of the platform features a lip that that cradles your foot and tucks you in for maximum pumping power. The deck construction consists of a bamboo and maple 6 ply core with matte finish carbon fiber top and bottom. Flex is designed for riders up to 175 with a TT mounted fully extended (longest wheelbase) and up to 225 lbs. with the TT in center position (shorter wheelbase). Weight is 2 lbs. 12 oz.


  • GBomb C27 platform
  • GBomb TTX spherical/bushing
  • GBomb Carbon Feather V2 white
  • Beernett Adjustable 122-137mm
  • Seismic Speedvent or Alpha (Choose your duro)
  • GBomb Builtin bearings
  • Madrid Griptape