Pantheon Genesis / Beernett complete!

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This new complete topmount pumper has all the parts to perform as a great, fast and fun pumping setup!


The Pantheon Genesis is mounted with:

  • Beernett 6.0 black (bushingduro of choice)
  • Paris street 149mm black (Riptide upgrade)
  • Seismic Blastwave 78mm mint 80a
  • Zealous bearings
  • Riptide 'outside' footstop
  • Bolzen wedges


The Genesis is a top mount long distance pumper deck. This is a sort of specialty deck designed specifically for LDP and general pumping for fun. Pumping is the act of using a turn to accelerate and happens as weight is loaded into a turn, and then you use the resistance created by the force of turning to push against the board and create acceleration. This is an intoxicating way to ride a longboard, and while it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it, it is a type of riding that just about anyone can do.


Length: 99.7cm / 39.25"
Width: 25.8cm / 10.15"